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Loft conversion – what you’re paying for

A loft conversion might sound like a single job or service, but it actually encompasses a range of trades. That’s why finding a reliable loft conversion specialist can be invaluable. We will coordinate and plan the various stages involved in your project – everything from structural elements and trades like brickwork and joinery through to bathroom fitting, plastering, and even decorating.

Depending on the type of roof your home has, you’ll need to think about a range of factors as these will affect the total cost of your conversion project. This cost guide gives you a handy outline of the different considerations, which will determine each type of loft conversion (and how that influences the total bill for your project).

As well as the type of conversion, we can guide you when it comes to a correct plumbing solution. No point have a fancy new bathroom in your loft if the shower is just a trickle. You may need to factor in getting your existing system upgraded to either a combination boiler or an unvented hot water cylinder.


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